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Over 17 years, an architect husband and his artist wife collaborated on the restoration and expansion of a modernist masterpiece by Harwell Hamilton Harris  
Why does The Donald talk like that? And why does it work for him?   essay
Thoughts on a funeral, and the current state of the GOP.   essay
Now it could win him the White House.   profile
Here's why he may represent the future of the Democratic Party.    profile
I went to Nevada to find out.    report
Inside Jeff Flake's lonely mission to keep the Republican Party honest.   profile
I went to one to find out.   report
Or, what it's like to watch a guy you knew in college run for the U.S. Senate.   profile
Inside the LocoL test kitchen, where two of America's best chefs are trying to take down McDonald's... with veggie burgers.   report
... and what it says about his ability to lead.   report
The U.S. military is failing its canine veterans. Inside one Marine’s fight to save her dog.   report
And why that's not just retro revivalism.   essay
At least John Kasich thinks so.   profile
"It’s a bold vision!" "No, it’s an Obama-esque boondoggle!" What the Golden State’s war over high-speed rail says about America’s ability to do Big Things   report
LA used to be a hotbed of racial profiling and unrest; now Chief Charlie Beck thinks his force could be a model for the rest of the nation   report
A massive earthquake is inevitable. But now L.A. is finally beginning to prepare for the worst — and it has ‘Earthquake Lady’ Lucy Jones to thank   profile
Gubernatorial hopeful Neel Kashkari is the pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, pro-immigration former bailout czar who thinks he can solve the Republicans' problems in the Golden State — and beyond. Why he has a shot. (No, really.)   profile
Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper was cruising toward victory. Then everything changed.   profile
I watched all 77 videos on her new online TV channel and lived to tell the tale. In fact, I was actually kind of … moved   essay
Nic Pizzolatto was a college writing professor who’d never penned a TV script. Now, as the creator of HBO’s revolutionary True Detective, he’s the hottest showrunner in Hollywood.   interview
Here’s something that will make you feel old: Green Day’s masterpiece was released 20 years ago. Why it was a lot more influential than you think.   essay
Has Hollywood forgiven him for directing bloated failures like The Postman and Waterworld—and can he recapture some of his old magic as he casts about for a new kind of middle-aged leading role?   essay
How hipster enchiladas could change the way America thinks about food.   report
If you’re between the ages of 25 and 35, you probably still use your original—vintage—America Online screen name to maneuver around the Internet every day. How did this happen?   report
In Spike Jonze's new movie, technology can break your heart. What that says about who we're becoming.   essay
Many of us either think of him as a deity (innocent and imaginative) or a demon (fascist and racist). But what was the man really like? Is the truth anywhere to be found in the new film Saving Mr. Banks?   essay
T Bone Burnett has become American music’s premier Playlist Maker, the man who makes transcendent soundtracks for filmmakers like the Coen Brothers. He talks to Andrew Romano and dives deep into the folk revival scene that produced Bob Dylan.    interview
Songs all about ‘me’ and how beautiful and strong ‘I’ am now dominate the charts. Why the music of the Millennial generation is so narcissistic—the sonic equivalent of an Instagram self-portrait.   essay
Three short stories by J.D. Salinger leaked out over Thanksgiving against the author’s wishes. But is that such a bad thing? Andrew Romano on what they reveal about the icon as a young writer.   essay
Midnight Memories and the hypocrisy of hating "manufactured pop."   essay
Maybe Jake Bugg is a posturing brat, a product of the pop machine. Maybe the 19-year-old with the reedy wail is rock's savior. Right now, all he wants to talk about is time signatures.   profile
What’s turned Los Angeles into a culinary boomtown? Chef Roy Choi and New Yorker staff writer Dana Goodyear know.   report
Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki is perhaps our only children’s auteur, and his new release, The Wind Rises, is the saddest film of the year—because it is likely his last.   essay
Malcolm Gladwell is wrong: The Fab Four’s success did not come from hours spent on stage in Hamburg or Liverpool. It came from arrogance.   essay
The 23-year-old actor shocked the world when he died 20 years ago. But why do so many young fans still identify with him today?   essay
What’s the greatest live album of all time? Andrew Romano makes the case for ‘Rock of Ages,’ the 1972 set by The Band, now re-issued with even more terrific material.   essay
The concession-making politicians on the stellar Danish political drama ‘Borgen,’ whose third season is now online, could teach our tantrum-throwing lawmakers something about compromise.   essay
Inside rock's most fascinating reunion.   interview
Forget the so-called revelations about his war experience, his letters to young women, or his testicles, and go back to the Glass family stories. There is all we ever need to know and understand about Salinger—and we should be satisfi   essay
Los Angeles's architectural gems are being endangered by a hot real-estate market—and a decidedly Beverly Hills aesthetic   report
Rick Rubin got Black Sabbath to return to its roots. He crashed Kanye's new album in 15 days. From Def Jam to Adele, the hitmaker gets intimate about his last 30 years—and how he's about to make history.   interview
Newsweek talks to the creators of today's most addictive shows about what they're doing to make sure we just can't stop.   essay
Running for reelection as mayor and eyeing Obama’s path.   profile
Months after Hurricane Sandy, the Jersey Shore is full of talk of rebuilding, but still struggles to accept the march of global warming’s angry waters. Will we be able to keep living where nature doesn't want us?   report
Timberlake is the only male pop star worth talking about, so why has it taken so long to acknowledge his genius? In Newsweek, Andrew Romano on the man preternaturally in tune with the times.  
BBC America series takes place inside a late-1950s London newsroom.  
How a nerd named Nate Silver changed political reporting forever.  
Super-PAC money cut his lead in half. Why Sherrod Brown is running scared.  
She lost her dad, had surgery, and tested positive for a banned substance. How Hope Solo survived—and put U.S. women's soccer in position to bring home gold.   profile
He heard voices, did drugs and fell apart. Can the band’s reunion tour help put Brian Wilson back together again?   profile
Why the country’s first Latina governor might be Mitt’s best veep pick.   profile
While the GOP votes, team Obama is crafting a juggernaut. Andrew Romano talks to top advisers about their 2012 strategy—including David Axelrod, who admits that he shares some of the blame for the president's dismal approval rating.  
On New Years Day in 1953, Hank Williams, the man who invented modern country music, died of an overdose in the backseat of his Cadillac at age 29. A few days later, his mama searched his house and made a secret discovery.   essay
Perry’s stumbling, the economy’s crumbling, Obama’s in freefall. It could be Romney’s moment. But he's missing something, Andrew Romano reports in this week's Newsweek.   profile
One in 31 Americans is lost in the criminal-justice system. As his senate career winds down, Webb is determined to change that.   profile
A new book reveals him, warts and all, as a man his son would not become.   essay
'Breaking Bad' is as addictive as the meth cooked by its cancer-stricken lead character, and just as insidious. It's also TV's finest hour.  
Sen. Jon Tester hunts, farms, has seven fingers, and could well determine his party's fate in 2012. So why are they calling him a sellout?   profile
Scott Brown was the Tea Party’s first big electoral coup—in Massachusetts, no less. Then Ted Kennedy’s successor began siding—again and again—with Barack Obama. Now some angry Tea Partiers want to oust him.  
We’ve spent a lot of time—and money—celebrating John’s 70th birthday. But the 30th anniversary of his death offers a cultural milestone that’s equally resonant today.   essay
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is small, stiff, and unimposing, so why is he attracting legions of fans? Hint: it’s not the motorcycle.   profile
A modern man’s perspective on why marriage isn’t dead.   essay
Maybe. But that's exactly why they should see it.   essay
On the popularity of the Polaroid aesthetic.   essay
By risking his popularity now, Mark Sanford may be quite popular in 2012.   profile
Bobby Jindal is in no way running for president. Or so he told Iowa.   profile
February 1, 2016 How Ted Cruz outsmarted Trump in Iowa Yahoo News
There is a simple reason why Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses Monday night. He is a master strategist — and he always has been.   report
January 29, 2016 Why is Ted Cruz’s campaign studying a long-lost book about Barry Goldwater? Yahoo News
To find out what the Cruz campaign is up to, I recently tracked down a copy of “Suite 3505” and read it cover to cover. The exercise was revealing.   report
January 12, 2016 Nikki Haley is the opposite of Donald Trump ... Yahoo News
... and that’s why she’s delivering this year’s SOTU response.   profile
January 5, 2016 Why Ammon Bundy’s Oregon standoff is doomed to fail Yahoo News
If you want to understand why the armed men who seized the empty headquarters of Oregon’s remote Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday are doomed to fail — despite vowing to hunker down for “as long as it takes” to defeat the “tyranny” of Washingto   report
December 21, 2015 Democrats want Ted Cruz to be the GOP’s nominee. They should be careful what they wish for. Yahoo News
Yet to assume that Cruz has already boxed himself in — that he is not cunning enough to pivot to general-election mode — is to ignore his entire history as a debater, lawyer, and senator and to gravely underestimate a strategic thinker who is easily the m   report
September 17, 2015 The media circus in Simi Valley Yahoo News
My report on the 800-plus journalists who came to California to "cover" the debate.   report
September 16, 2015 This is the way Trump ends Yahoo News
You can only say everyone else is stupid so many times before the voters start to realize that you think they’re stupid, too.   report
August 31, 2015 How Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson explain the crazy 2016 election Yahoo News
(Or why you should forget Trump.)   report
August 6, 2015 Cleveland Clash Yahoo News
5 things to watch for in the GOP debate   essay
May 22, 2015 Why San Francisco Is Better Than Los Angeles at Politics Yahoo News
... and why that could change soon.   report
February 2, 2015 California's New Political 'Earthquake' Yahoo News
The same old Golden State pols have been in charge for decades. But now a new generation of Democrats is poised to take over. How they could change the state — and the country   report
January 20, 2015 How Obama 'turned the page' Yahoo News
Just two years ago, the president was modest — even meek — in his State of the Union. Not anymore   essay
January 16, 2015 To run or not to run? Inside Tom Steyer’s California Senate calculation Yahoo News
The billionaire investor wants to save the planet. An adviser tells Yahoo News he’s torn between going to Washington himself and helping elect Hillary   report
December 5, 2014 Is it already too late for a Democrat to derail Hillary Clinton in 2016? Yahoo News
November 25, 2014 Why Ferguson is so mad at prosecutor Bob McCulloch Yahoo News
The lawyer’s rambling remarks on Monday night aren’t the real problem. It’s his controversial past.   report
November 20, 2014 How Obama’s immigration overhaul will divide voters in 2016 Yahoo News
Sure, George H.W. Bush did the same thing 25 years ago. But the consequences of Obama’s executive action will be very, very different   essay
November 14, 2014 New NSA director rips critics, calls for 'less simplistic' national conversation about surveillance Yahoo News
Adm. Michael Rogers says Snowden likely not a spy, but at RAND conference he insists that leaks aided terrorists   report
November 5, 2014 How Hillary Clinton won the 2014 midterms Yahoo News
The GOP had a good night. But the map, the math and the reality of Washington dysfunction favor the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2016   essay
October 29, 2014 Why Alaska's Senate race might be closer than anyone thinks Yahoo News
Democratic Sen. Mark Begich has built an unprecedented ground game. Could it save him on Election Day?   report
October 27, 2014 Are Latinos ditching the Democrats? Don't believe the hype Yahoo News
As the midterms approach, analysts are arguing that Latino voters angry with Obama over immigration may cause problems for the Democrats on Election Day. But that's not what's happening on the ground in Colorado   essay
October 9, 2014 The GOP is supposed to be closing in on a banner Election Day. So why are so many Republican governors flailing? Yahoo News
It's the economy, stupid. Four years after the 2010 wave, tea party policies in key states seem to be backfiring   essay
March 7, 2014 Designing 'Grand Budapest Hotel' The Daily Beast
We sit down with the production designer of Wes Anderson’s gorgeous new film to find out how it was done. The amazing answer? It was all handmade.   interview
March 6, 2014 True Detective's Godless Universe? The Daily Beast
One of the heroes calls Christianity a 'fairy tale'—and one of the villains is a reverend. What is the HBO drama saying about religion?   essay
March 2, 2014 How 'True Detective' Will End The Daily Beast
Who is the Yellow King? What is Carcosa? We read the tea leaves from Sunday’s penultimate episode—and predict how HBO’s masterful crime drama will conclude. Spoiler alert!   essay
February 28, 2014 Too Old for Action? The Daily Beast
More and more top-notch dramatic thespians are pulling a Liam Neeson and transforming themselves into action stars in middle age. Is this who we want to blow s**t up?  
February 26, 2014 'The Americans' Spymasters The Daily Beast
Which parts of the show are real and which parts are fake—and how’d they snag Meryl Streep? Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields dissect the second-season premiere of the best spy show on TV.   interview
February 26, 2014 The Best Spy Show on TV Isn't Homeland The Daily Beast
How the second season of FX’s ‘The Americans,’ which will premiere Wednesday night, overcame the sophomore slump and bested ‘Homeland’ by reinventing itself.   essay
February 24, 2014 That 'True Detective' Sex Scene The Daily Beast
Michelle Monaghan on the one word that describes how HBO’s dark, brilliant crime drama will end.   interview
February 21, 2014 The Last Great Singer-Songwriter Album The Daily Beast
Beck's new album, Morning Phase, is his best since the 1990s. But can it resurrect a dying genre?   essay
February 20, 2014 Just Kill Mr. Bates Already! The Daily Beast
Julian Fellowes can save his show by offing the target of his sadism. Why this must be done at the Series 4 finale this Sunday.   essay
February 16, 2014 The Secret Meaning of 'True Detective' The Daily Beast
Things get metaphysical in one of the most masterful hours of television since ‘Breaking Bad.’ The HBO series' creator explains the secrets behind the episode. Spoiler alert!   essay
February 15, 2014 The Karl Rove of 'House of Cards' The Daily Beast
The hit Netflix series’ showrunner Beau Willimon walks us through the big shocks of Season 2, and why the show isn’t that cynical. Massive spoiler alert!   interview
February 14, 2014 ‘House of Cards’ Season Two Review: Even More Bingeworthy Than the First The Daily Beast
The first season of the dark political drama was good. The second is great. How Netflix improved its flagship series.   essay
February 11, 2014 How I Got Shia LaBoeuf to Take Off His Mask The Daily Beast
Through his eyeholes, I could see LaBeouf's eyes moving around—staring at me. I could hear him breathing under the bag. I stood to go, and offered him my hand.   report
February 11, 2014 Meet Alexandre Desplat, Hollywood's Master Composer The Daily Beast
Alexandre Desplat is having a bit of a moment, having scored Philomena, Monuments Men, and The Grand Budapest Hotel in quick succession. No other composer today has worked so consistently on such good, smart movies. How does he do it?   profile
February 9, 2014 'A Field in England' Is a Trippy Masterpiece The Daily Beast
What makes A Field in England such a visceral, mind-bending and ultimately indelible movie isn't the plotting—it's the bewildering, beautiful oddness that binds the action together.   essay
February 7, 2014 The Robin to Clooney's Batman The Daily Beast
From unemployed actors to co-writers and co-producers on The Monuments Men, Grant Heslov and George Clooney may just be Hollywood’s most successful bromance.   interview
January 18, 2014 What Jack Ryan Says About America The Daily Beast
Watching all five Jack Ryan movies will give you America’s image of itself over the last 25 years.   essay
January 17, 2014 Too Handsome for Oscar? The Daily Beast
Robert Redford, Peter O’Toole, Cary Grant, and even Clooney and DiCaprio. In the last 86 years, on Oscar night the most beautiful dudes tend to lose—if they've even been nominated.   essay
January 16, 2014 No Strange Magic in the 'Attic' The Daily Beast
Lifetime doesn't make the mistake of leaving the brother-sister incest out of its television adaptation of Flowers in the Attic. That doesn't mean the movie is any good.   essay
January 11, 2014 'True Detective': A New Crime Classic The Daily Beast
HBO’s True Detective sounds like your average celebrity-studded crime procedural. Yet, buoyed by Matthew McConaughey, it’s one of the most riveting and provocative series ever. Period.   essay
January 9, 2014 Hollywood Declares 2014 the Year of the Bible The Daily Beast
Russell Crowe is Noah. Christian Bale is Moses. Brad Pitt is Pontius Pilate. With pages of action and a faithful fanbase, Hollywood is mining the good book for blockbuster stories.   report
January 7, 2014 Bruce Springsteen Lowers the Bar The Daily Beast
Springsteen’s signature has always been his ambition to make big, beautiful, transcendent albums. As the final track fades out, it’s undeniable: High Hopes is a disappointment.   essay
December 23, 2013 Hollywood's First 1990s Period Piece The Daily Beast
How Martin Scorsese and costumer designer Sandy Powell brought the look of an underappreciated decade to life in The Wolf of Wall Street. What took so long?    report
December 16, 2013 ‘Homeland’ Creator: Why Brody Had to Die for the Show to Live The Daily Beast
Homeland creator Alex Gansa dissects the shocking season finale and explains why Sgt. Nicholas Brody’s ‘shelf life had expired.’   interview
December 15, 2013 The Homeland Finale Shocker The Daily Beast
Wow. Season 3 of Showtime’s CIA thriller ended with a bang, but was the show’s shocking death the right move? And where will things go from here? (Warning: Spoilers galore!)   essay
December 9, 2013 Homeland Is Finally Back on Track The Daily Beast
Surprise, surprise! Showtime’s spy thriller ‘Homeland’ proved it could still be a gripping show with “Big Man in Tehran.” Bring on the season finale. (Warning: spoilers within!)   essay
December 7, 2013 Why Did Llewyn Davis's Greenwich Village Disappear? The Daily Beast
A Greenwich Village historian tells us how the bohemian paradise dramatized in the Coen Brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis became what it is today—one of the squarest, priciest neighborhoods in New York.   interview
December 6, 2013 How to Paint Like Vermeer The Daily Beast
A brilliant documentary, directed by Teller of Penn & Teller fame, chronicles a 5-year quest to solve a 350-year-old mystery—and gets to the heart of what it means to be an artistic genius.   interview
November 29, 2013 Steve Coogan Gets Serious The Daily Beast
The comedic virtuoso tells The Daily Beast that no one would give him dramatic roles—so he made Philomena, opposite Dame Judi Dench.   interview
November 27, 2013 What's Next for Winona Ryder The Daily Beast
The 90s icon dishes on ‘Homefront,’ ‘Beetlejuice 2,’ and Generation X   interview
November 22, 2013 U2 Overthinks its New Song The Daily Beast
The nutty Freudian theory that explains why "Ordinary Love" is, well, ordinary.   essay
November 19, 2013 Bob Dylan Takes Over Your TV The Daily Beast
The legendary musician and a 27-year-old Israeli tech whiz bring us the remarkably interactive video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone.’ It was worth the 48-year wait.   essay
November 17, 2013 The King of Dramedy The Daily Beast
Bob Odenkirk hates the word, and so do we. But honestly, aren’t his roles in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska and Breaking Bad the apotheosis of the ‘genre’?  
November 3, 2013 The Real Dallas Buyers Club The Daily Beast
The story of a Texas electrician who deals experimental AIDs drugs only took twenty years to make it to Hollywood. And it all started as a simple act of journalism.   interview
November 3, 2013 Homeland Hasn't Jumped the Shark (Yet) The Daily Beast
Sunday’s episode wasn’t transformative, but it was taut, precise, and compelling because it focused on what made the show great—Carrie, Saul, and the spy games they play.   essay
October 29, 2013 Arcade Fire's Near-Perfect Album The Daily Beast
Why we still need bands that aspire to be the biggest in the world.   essay
October 26, 2013 How Cormac McCarthy Beat the Hollywood Curse The Daily Beast
Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Huxley—none of the great novelists ever had an original screenplay produced. Cormac McCarthy has. But is his new movie, The Counselor, any good?   essay
October 24, 2013 The Year's Most Dangerous Documentary The Daily Beast
The Square is the definitive documentary on Egypt’s revolutionary uprising, and it’s already generating deserved Oscar buzz. But director Jehane Noujaim had to endure arrests and beatings to get it made.   interview
October 21, 2013 Why So Many Survival Movies? The Daily Beast
A unified field theory of All Is Lost, Captain Phillips, 12 Years a Slave, and Gravity.   essay
October 18, 2013 Why Doesn't Work The Daily Beast
Hint: It’s not because the White House is stupid. The top web strategist from Obama’s 2012 campaign tells Andrew Romano why the deck is stacked against government technology—and how we can fix our flawed system.   report
October 17, 2013 Oliver Stone on the Tyranny of Obama’s ‘Exceptional’ America The Daily Beast
Oliver Stone has a lot to say about what’s unfolded since his liberal revisionist documentary The Untold History aired. From eavesdropping to exceptionalism, the filmmaker explains why America is a sick country.   interview
October 10, 2013 From Real World to Shutdown The Daily Beast
Today he’s a prominent advocate for the Tea Party’s kill-Obamacare-or-the-economy-gets-it strategy. But once Rep. Sean Duffy was a hard-partying, compromise-seeking ‘Real World’ star. Andrew Romano on what happened.   profile
July 26, 2013 Is Mick Jagger Too Old to Rock? The Daily Beast
Mick Jagger turns 70 today. Why he needs to start acting his age.   essay
July 24, 2013 The Future of Aging Newsweek
Is immortality real? Or is it quack science? Two experts face off.    interview
June 12, 2013 Monkeying with the Barrels Newsweek
Chickpeas in your bourbon? Buffalo Trace wants to improve tradition—by messing with it.   report
May 22, 2013 When the Sirens Wailed Newsweek
Thirty-six tornado warnings rang out through Moore, Oklahoma. Within 16 minutes, the twister touched down. Within an hour, the town was destroyed.   report
May 20, 2013 E.R. Butler Unhinged Bloomberg Pursuits
May 16, 2013 Republicans Battle in Arizona: Why the Debates Matter The Daily Beast
They’ve rarely influenced election outcomes before. But this year’s GOP showdowns have had an uncommon impact.    report
May 7, 2013 Why Carrie Mathison Is a Feminist Hero Newsweek
‘Homeland’ returns, with TV’s most compelling female character.   essay
March 14, 2013 Fine Art Fixer Uses Elephant Dung to Avert Catastrophe Bloomberg Pursuits
March 7, 2013 Are Republicans the New Democrats? The Daily Beast
Who would have guessed last year that the GOP would be endorsing a litany of previously unthinkable positions? Elections have consequences, and this time, an identity crisis seems to be one of them.  
January 16, 2013 In Town-Hall Meeting, Christie Counters Obama on Guns The Daily Beast
After Newtown, Republicans can’t keep parroting the NRA on gun policy. Will Christie chart a new course that Americans can agree with?   report
December 23, 2012 ‘The First Rough Draft of History’ Newsweek
For the last print issue of Newsweek, Andrew Romano compiles an oral history of the storied magazine.   report
November 8, 2012 Who’s Skewed Now? Beaten GOP Wakes Up to the Real America The Daily Beast
Ultraconservatives were sure the polls were wrong—and the America they knew would reject Obama the socialist Muslim. But the election proves the Real America is something quite different.  
October 27, 2012 What Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush Have in Common The Daily Beast
If Obama loses, he’ll be remembered just as George H.W. Bush is. Andrew Romano on history’s peculiar amnesia—and how Romney could benefit.   essay
October 21, 2012 President Obama’s Executive Power Grab Newsweek
The Obama power play that could forever change the way Washington works.   report
September 4, 2012 Can Julian Castro, Democrats’ Keynote Speaker, Out-Obama Obama? The Daily Beast
The Democrats’ keynote speaker in Charlotte is a savvy pol with a bright future. Andrew Romano on the hurdles he’ll need to overcome if he hopes to become the first Latino president.   essay
August 27, 2012 Will Paul Ryan Help Romney With Blue-Collar Whites? The Daily Beast
He bowhunts, noodles catfish, and makes his own sausage. Can Paul Ryan help the GOP run away with the crucial white vote this fall—or will the blue-collar shtick backfire?    report
July 29, 2012 Borgen: The Best TV Show You’ve Never Seen Newsweek
Forget ‘The Newsroom.’ The top political drama is Danish.   essay
June 24, 2012 The Newsroom: Aaron Sorkin’s Flawed New HBO Drama Newsweek
Aaron Sorkin’s chatty idealists invade cable TV.   essay
June 8, 2012 President Romney? He’d Have to Thank Obama for Improving Picture The Daily Beast
Easing unemployment, an Afghan exit—Obama’s done much of the hard part of righting the ship. But a new Oval Office occupant would likely get the credit for better days.   essay
May 31, 2012 Breaking: Obama Is a Politician The Daily Beast
President Obama is actually a politician. In an open letter to journalists, Andrew Romano says it's time to cut the crap and declare a moratorium on the false naiveté.   essay
May 8, 2012 Maurice Sendak Knew Enough to Put the Bite Back in Children’s Stories The Daily Beast
n a visit with the late children’s book author several years ago, Andrew Romano discovered a prickly, witty man who knew that good children’s stories are always full of threat and danger.   profile
May 7, 2012 Why Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance Won’t Much Matter in November The Daily Beast
Both parties are calculating the impact from Obama’s announcement on his reelection chances. Andrew Romano on why it won’t move the needle much.   essay
April 15, 2012 Liberal Academic, Tea Party Leader Rethinking Crime Policy Newsweek
The odd alliance changing the way we think about crime.   report
April 8, 2012 A Newsweek Poll Shows Americans Still Divided Over Race Newsweek
An exclusive Newsweek poll reveals the persistence of America’s stark racial divide.   report
February 19, 2012 Why the Republican Party Needs Debates The Daily Beast
The GOP’s royalty hates the party’s many debates. They’re wrong. Why the party desperately needs them.   essay
February 1, 2012 Mitt Romney’s Unfavorable Ratings Have Been Rising Since Iowa The Daily Beast
Sure, Mitt Romney just had a huge win in Florida—but his favorability ratings have been sinking miserably since the New Year. Andrew Romano on why the GOP’s long primary race in 2012 won’t mirror the Dems’ in 2008.   essay
January 19, 2012 Why Conservatives Don’t Buy Romney’s Red-Meat Speeches The Daily Beast
Rather than tout his experience, Romney built his stump speech on a fantasy-world version of the Obama presidency. But the performance is falling flat, even with angry voters most eager to believe it.   report
January 17, 2012 Romney General Election Vulnerabilities Laid Bare in GOP Debate The Daily Beast
The Fox News debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C., may have been inconsequential for the GOP primary—Mitt’s got it locked up—but it exposed the former governor’s weaknesses against Obama, from Bain to tax returns and falsehoods about the president.   essay
January 2, 2012 Santorum's Iowa Dead End The Daily Beast
The former Pennsylvania senator is rising rapidly at just the right time in Iowa. Andrew Romano on what it means—and how far he can take it.    report
November 13, 2011 Crashing the Party Newsweek
Hate all the presidential candidates? Use your browser to build a dream ticket.   report
October 2, 2011 Wanted: A New Messiah Newsweek
Who best fits the radical mold of Reagan and FDR—and why can’t we find them?   essay
September 12, 2011 No Jobs Relief in Sight The Daily Beast
Obama’s jobs bill, which he sent to Congress today, is the one proposal that could put anyone back to work soon—and even that modest prospect is dim.   essay
August 12, 2011 Perry’s Entitlement Problem The Daily Beast
Rick Perry kicks off his campaign tomorrow, but is he electable? In an interview last fall, the Texas governor advocated dismantling Medicare and Social Security.   report
August 12, 2011 Rick Perry on the Record The Daily Beast
From scrapping Social Security and Medicare to immigration to Constitutional amendments, Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke openly last fall with Andrew Romano.   interview
August 11, 2011 Mitt's Iowa Schizophrenia The Daily Beast
Romney was going to skip Iowa and cede the values voters to Michele Bachmann, but Rick Perry’s plan to join the race has forced him to find the right strategy to compete in the state.   report
August 7, 2011 Battle for Ground Zero Newsweek
A new novel Imagines the hysteria sparked by a Muslim-designed 9/11 memorial.   essay
June 30, 2011 Was John Lennon Conservative? The Daily Beast
A new documentary suggests the rock icon was drifting to the right before his death. The truly radical thing about late-stage Lennon: he wasn’t political at all.   essay
May 29, 2011 The Upside of GOP Despair Newsweek
Things look bleak for 2012, but Republicans have talent in the pipeline.   essay
May 16, 2011 Paul Ryan Barbecues His Backyard The Daily Beast
The House GOP’s fiscal star touted his “Path to Prosperity” anew Monday. But a Daily Beast analysis of the numbers shows his plan would squeeze the hell out of his own constituents.   report
May 5, 2011 Commander in Chief Newsweek
The daring bin Laden raid is being billed as the new Obama. The truth is, he's been itching to pull this trigger all along.  
April 19, 2011 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Raised Taxes The Daily Beast
Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, and other top Republican presidential contenders denounce Democrats as immoral tax hikers—but they oversaw dozens of tax hikes as governors facing deficits.   report
April 17, 2011 From Wimp to Winner Newsweek
Obama outmaneuvers his opponents—and his allies—every time.   essay
March 20, 2011 How Dumb Are We? Newsweek
NEWSWEEK gave 1,000 Americans the U.S. Citizenship Test--38 percent failed. The country's future is imperiled by our ignorance.   essay
March 13, 2011 2,405 Shot Dead Since Tucson Newsweek
Since the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, the number of Americans killed by guns has not let up. How a court ruling and Dick Cheney have given Obama a chance he should take.   report
March 3, 2011 Could Chris Christie Really Beat Obama? The Daily Beast
The New Jersey governor claims he knows he "could win" the White House in 2012, but he's not "ready to be president." Andrew Romano on why Christie isn't insane—though he shouldn't read much into early polls.   essay
February 27, 2011 Showdown Newsweek
Forget Wisconsin’s meltdown. How Ohio’s budget battle could decide who wins the White House in 2012.   report
February 8, 2011 The Myth of Obama's Big Spending The Daily Beast
Does the president really suffer from what House Speaker John Boehner calls a "spending illness"?   report
January 22, 2011 Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Agenda Will Disrupt the GOP The Daily Beast
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December 20, 2010 Cory Booker Newsweek
Newark’s Mayor has long been considered one of the most promising politicians of his generation. Now, with a $100 million education grant from Facebook, he’s hoping to become one of the most influential.   interview
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